Home Renovation & New Build Guide

For those considering the renovation of an existing property, or building entirely new, but feel the process is too daunting to undertake then perhaps this document may help in this regard.

The purpose of this document is to help provide guidance on how to successfully achieve their goals in respect of a potential Renovation or New Build project. Whether embarking on something large or small, the process can be both exciting and challenging, so investing in a formalised process can be crucial.

A key element of any successful project will be the appointment of the right professional team, such as Architects, Structural Engineers, Surveyors etc, to minimize potential issues by working with experienced and competent professionals who will be able to guide the Clients through the many complex decisions and challenges which may arise.

Another key element is the selection of a highly motivated and diligent Building Contractor during the tender process, whose sole aim should be to enhance the building design by undertaking ‘Best Practice’ construction.

Please note: Please be aware that the information expressed in this document is for general guidance purposes only and not relevant to any particular project which may vary in respect of scope and outcome. For specific project related advice, refer to your design team.

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