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Since the beginning of time, architecture has played a significant role in the survival of mankind, as we use architecture to shelter and protect our lives. Terra Amata, in Nice, France is a prime example, being the oldest known man-made shelter. According to historians, it was built 300,000 - 400,000 years ago. Since then, architecture has changed accordingly to our needs.

The fact is that humans can’t avoid architecture. The spaces we use every day are defined by architecture. As we live, work, learn, worship, relax and gather around architecture, it shapes our way of thinking, how we perceive our lives and how we construct our day-to-day existence. Architecture represents our culture, beliefs, and ambitions.

There is a significant difference between building and architecture. Buildings only focus on function, whilst architecture is a space that creates an emotional effect on the user and meets functional needs.

Architecture plays an important part in our lives. With its effect on mental wellbeing, architecture shapes our perceptions, behaviour, and feelings.

Therefore, as architects, our objective is to create architecture, not buildings. Our ambition is to create architecture that has a positive impact on people.


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Manik KarunaratneCert HE BArch (Hons) MArch PG Cert

Manik’s architectural journey started with his studies at the University of Derby, Nottingham Trent University, De Montfort University, and the University of Nottingham, where he developed his architectural critical thinking and design abilities.

Manik has a keen interest in the history of architecture, using it as a source of knowledge and inspiration. He believes that by analysing historical masterpieces, architects are better able to understand how natural light, materials, structure, mass, symmetry and balance, space requirements, circulation, and hierarchy work in different building types.

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